Laboratory Refrigeration
Axiatech is specialized in medical and laboratory refrigeration. On our website you can find a wide range of refrigerators and freezers that cover all the needs and are suitable for: the laboratory, the pharmacy store, the hospital, the medical laboratory, the microbiology centers, universities etc.

  1. Medical Refrigerators
  2. Laboratory Refrigerators
  3. Freezers
  4. 2 Temperature Refrigerators & Freezers 
  5. Portable Refrigerators & Freezers
  6. Incubators
  7. Blood Banks
  8. Ice makers
  9. Explosion Proof Refrigerators



The food technology sector is particularly developed in Greece, with the dairy industry holding a very large market share. Axiatech has wide range of educational equipment for the field of food technology, ranging from simple units to complete pilot plants. All available equipment is controlled either from PC or by PLC and is accompanied by software with data acquisition and management in order to provide a higher level of education. Some of the available units are:

  1. Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration unit
  2. Pasteurization unit
  3. Spray Drier
  4. Hydrogenation Unit
  5. Cheese Vat
  6. UHT Unit
  7. Butter Making Teaching Unit
  8. Continuous Cycle Oil Production Plant 



School is where the bases for a proper education are set. Axiatech is a company that helps students and teachers in junior high schools, high schools and generally in secondary education.  The educational equipment we have, offer both theoretical knowledge and practical training as well, thus helping students to more easily understand the difficult concepts of most of the lessons. At the same time the units make the lives of the teachers much easier, as they are a useful tool in trying to convey the knowledge to the children. If we add to all the above and the element of fun, then we have equipment and products ideal for primary and secondary education.