AXIATECH is a trade and technical company which is activated dynamically in the area of teaching equipment and R&D laboratories, ensuring complete and effective support.
Today, AXIATECH is one of the most fast growing companies in the area of scientific instruments. The services and the structure of the company can cover all the needs of a modern laboratory and include:

  • Sales Department, trading credible equipment and consumables
  • Technical Support Department, with experienced technicians

Our philosophy, which governs every stage of the company’s distribution and operation process, is to approach the product marketing and management with responsibility and in full consciousness.

A carefully selected list of manufacturers, as well as local companies, assist AXIATECH in completing its intention of high quality products, which can meet the customers’ demands in the fields of Educational and Laboratory Equipment, Medical Refrigeration, Microscopy, and consumables.

Our customers’ list includes:

  • Universities, Technological Educational Institutes, Research Institutes
  • Hospitals, Private Clinics, Private Labs for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pathology
  • Private and Public QC Labs, Public Corporations
  • Industries in the following fields:
    • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemicals & Petrochemicals
    • Food, Beverage, Alcoholic Drinks
    • Refineries, Fertilizers, Detergents
    • Packaging Materials, Metallurgical and Mineralogy, Construction Materials

Our principles for ensuring high quality equipment and reliable services are non-negotiable and constitute our everyday goal. All the above, along with our intention to investment in innovative technologies ensure the company’s participation in the future developments and in combination with our trained staff we try to fulfill our clients current and future needs.