Table Spectrometer SP.5275

  • Table spectrometer for measurement of a prism in determining the refractive index, measuring the refractive angle, measuring the angle of minimum deviation and the measurement of dispersion
  • The spectrometer is on large tripod stand
  • to use for the measurement of the angle of a prism and for determining the refractive index of transparent solids or liquids
  • The instrument consists of collimator F=160 mm, 17 mm diameter and adjustable slit 0-10 mm, V-shaped field adjustment wedge
  • Telescope with rack and pinion adjustment, round disc scale 180 mm diameter, engraved in 360 degrees, divided in 0.5 degrees, with double vernier gradation
  •  Two rotatable magnifiers for exact reading
  • Object-stage 70 mm diameter, rotatable and with height adjustment, with holder for glass plates and prism
  • with glass plate and flint glass prism 33 x 33 x 22 mm
  • Complete with illumination and transformer for 220 volt operation