Spectroscopes are used to visualise the light spectrum of the light source of transparent substances Hand
spectroscopes SP-5100, SP-5150 and SP-5155 are being used for optical experiments in natural sciences education

The hand spectroscope SP-5200 has a wavelength scale of 400 – 700 nm. When transparent solid substances, liquids or gas is placed between the light source and spectroscope, the specific spectrum of these substances are visible. The SP-5200 is also used for gem determination

The table spectrometer SP-5275 is mounted on a tripod and is supplied with a flint glass prism and plan parallel glass plate. The spectrometer is used to determine the refraction-index to measure the refraction angle, to measure the angle of minimal deviation and for dispersion measurments. This spectrometer is used for optical experiments in natural sciences classes

Hand Spectroscope SP.5100

Hand Spectroscope SP.5150

Hand Spectroscope SP.5155

Hand Spectroscope SP.5200

Table Spectrometer SP.5275